Use free adult host to get free adult backlinks

It’s a good idea to use free adult blog host even if you have a paid host for your main money site. You can use free adult host to create small feeder sites for your main site. This takes very little time and cost you nothing. Think about it, you can create a free site here at 3Blogger with some nice pictures and/or videos, do some basic seo, then place one link out to your main ‘money’ site. This is a free quality backlink. Do not just create a crappy page and place your link multiple times all over the page, this is spammy and Google will not reward you. Create a nice site, it doesn’t have to be big, just make it so that when the surfer lands on the site they are pleased viewing the content. That’s all you have to do to get a good adult backlink. Rinse and repeat a few times at different free adult host and you will see your main site rise naturally in the search engines. You could always go and buy adult backlinks from places like Xredirect but this approach is better and it’s free to boot. Even without a paid hosting site this technique will work. Simply join several free host and which ever one you like best make that your main site. Then use the others to feed your main site.

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